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Tai sumažina svorį ir išlaiko naująjį paveikslą išlaikytas. Taip pat reikia elgtis ir su kojomis: jei yra problema, kuri trukdo gyventi, ją reikia spręsti, o ne bandyti paslėpti, iškentėti. BOOK Our warm stone massage is perfect for the colder winter season.

After treatment with radioactive thorium, After deep radiotherapy or laminectomy.

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Particular caution should be exercised when using ultrasound to treat patients with sensory impairment, advanced atherosclerosis, post-injury conditions or where the treatment area is in close proximity to an endoprosthesis.

In addition, direct ultrasound therapy should not be applied to the spinal cord or spinal hernia above the third cervical vertebra. In case of illness, the following areas of the body should not be subjected to ultrasound treatment: eyes, ears, tissues of the brain, epiphyses, heart, lungs, liver, spleen, ovaries, testicles, dilated veins, the growth areas in children, as well as this therapy should not be used to treat patients with pacemakers it is strictly prohibited to apply any form of synchronous therapy to patients with pacemakers.

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Lymphatic drainage press therapy is a mechanical method of drainage which stimulates venous and lymphatic circulation. The procedure is not only efficient but very pleasant as well.

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Then the pressure falls simultaneously and a new wave follows. Intensity of the pressure can be adjusted individually for each client.

Kas tai galėtų būti? Veronika, 46 m. Kojų tinimas © Shutterstock Paūmėjęs mėšlungis gali būti ne tik magnio trūkumo priežastis. Padažnėję raumenų spazmai signalizuoja apie mineralų trūkumą, hormonų pokyčius ir netgi pablogėjusią kraujotaką. Medicinos diagnostikos ir gydymo centro gydytojas, kraujagyslių chirurgas Nerijus Bičkauskas sako, kad kojose juntamas mėšlungis gali būti ir venų nepakankamumo varikozės priežastis.

Lymphatic drainage massage, or press therapy is a mechanical effect on tissues achieved by blowing air to special cuffs and adjusting pressure. The cuffs consist of dozens of sections enabling to build up pressure gradually increasing from the periphery towards the centre.

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Tissue massage and lymphatic drainage is done as the cuffs are tightened and released successively. Lymphatic drainage massage is not only a method for treatment of cellulite, it is also a method for improvement of venous circulation, it can help people suffering from varicose veins and accelerate metabolism processes in the subcutaneous adipose tissue and skin cells.

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This method allows excretion of excess fluids and harmful substances from the body, normalization of extracellular fluid and lymph in the body. The following items are used depending on the desired effect on the location: Long boots; Wide belt for abdomen and hips; Long sleeves. Press therapy is an excellent tool in the fight against cellulite because it allows elimination of the main causes of it, namely, hypoxia lack of oxygen in the body tissues and extracellular fluid excess in the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

This type of massage is successfully applied in case of: Arm, leg oedemas swellings of different origin; Venous insufficiency, varicose; When the capillary network becomes visible; Venous stasis ulcers; Poor healing of wounds, ulcers; Muscle and nerve pains; Leg fatigue syndrome, heavy feeling in the legs; Sporting injuries; Travel vein and lymphostasis prophylaxis; After breast removal mastectomy surgeries.

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Intestinal peristalsis is a continuous rhythmic contraction of the intestinal wall, stimulating the movement of food mass in the intestine. Intestinal peristalsis swelling in joints of one hand be impaired for a variety of reasons: chronic diseases of the digestive system, chronic constipation, sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, etc.

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Slow intestinal peristalsis causes a longer stay of the digested food in the intestine, disrupting its function and causing unpleasant symptoms. To activate intestinal peristalsis, the 4 massage cylinders on the Mowoot device belt act in turn, providing a deep abdominal massage and, thus, activating intestinal peristalsis.

Suitable for patients with neurological disorders, after spinal injuries, and in cases of a constipation of unknown origin. Removes pain and the feeling of fullness or tension in the belly.

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